Shiatsu 1° Level Basic Course

The basic course of 32 hours is composed of ten lessons. Each lesson alternating theory and practice.


  • Exercises for greater awareness of your body.
  • Breathing exercises to get in contact with life energy.
  • Work to increase the capacity of attention towards the other.
  • Movement Exercises to learn the correct body movement.
  • Fundamentals of M.T.C. (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
  • The concept of Ki: the living energy.
  • The TAO.
  • The Yin and Yang.
  • Microcosm and macrocosm.
  • The path and characteristics of the 12 Traditional Meridians.
  • The 12 Meridians Traditional visited in the prone and supine position.
  • Using palms and thumbs for the pressure.
  • Perpendicularity Studio the application of technical work.
  • The hara : our center of gravity.
  • The pleasure of touching with finger pressure effortlessly.

Moments for group sharing alternate to the theoretical/practical work for greater cohesion which helps participants to improve their self-awareness.

After the theoretical explanation follows a demonstration of the basic techniques.  Practical tests (between the participants) of the presented techniques.

Certificate of Attendance

At the end of the course participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Training School Shin Sei Shiatsu

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