Moxa Seminar - Shinsei Academy

Activation of the energy points by the heat created by Moxa

The seminar is aimed at those who want to learn how to use the method of activation of energy points (Tsubo) through the heat created by Moxa. During the seminar are explained both Chinese techniques that use indirect Moxa (cigar) and Japanese methods involving the application of direct moxa (cones according to the Tai-yu style of Maestro Sawada).


The workshop will take place during a weekend

Program of the course


  • Origin of moxibustion, its relationship to M.T.C. and Shiatsu
  • Energy effects, indications for use
  • Moxa the specific development in Japan
  • Using the cigar, the four modes of application using the cigar
  • Japanese special technique of Master Sawada with the cones
  • Indirect moxa with ginger or salt and through cone sticker
  • Localization and energetic physiology of tsubo treated
  • Application of moxibustion limits
  • Combination between shiatsu and moxa


  • Differences and treatment of a primary channel or a Zang-Fu
  • Specific toning and dispersion effect
  • Specific treatment of the back according to the Japanese method
  • Using points Yuan-Source
  • Treatment of bruises, hematoma, cysts tendon
  • Adhesives cones, use of bamboo
  • Explanatory examples of the most common situations

At the end of the course the participants will receive a certificate of attendance.
To the students of Shiatsu Training School will be proof of their participation in the school program.


The participants are asked to bring a towel-cloth-blanket to protect and safeguard the tatami.
It’s easy to get dirty with ash.

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