Natural Nutrition Seminar

Training course | Shiatsu

The Natural Nutrition Seminar is concerned with helping people to become conscious of what is food from the energy point of view.

In this course we will learn to make a conscious choice what and how to eat, in accordance with the theory of yin and yang, the five elements of nature and energy characteristics of foods.

Program of the course:


Introduction to the unique principle. Energy centrifugal / centripetal (yin-yang)


Application to the unique principle of food


Connection to eating bioenergy with the 12 meridians


Identification of basic foods for humanity.

Who is it for?


The seminar is open to all who are seeking to have a broader knowledge of how the the best food for our wellbeing


The natural food seminar is an integral part of the curriculum of the School for Shiatsu Operators


The Natural Nutrition Seminar takes place over the weekend

Certificate of Attendance

At the end of the course the participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

To the students of Shiatsu Training School will be proof of their participation at school program.

Didactic Director

Marina Bernardotti

Training institution Shin Sei Shiatsu

Federazione Italiana Shiatsu

Info and Pre-enrolment

Marina Bernardotti
Mobile +39 338 836 9353


Dr. Domenico Bassi

Domenico Bassi is an Ohashiatsu teacher since 1990. And’ well-known in Italy and in Europe for his deep knowledge that transmits with passion and humor.
During the seventies he studied at the Institute of Michio Kushi in Boston, where he learned the basics of nutrition of traditional Chinese medicine and macrobiotics.
During the eighties he studied with Dr. Bernard Jensen, father of modern iridology and nutrition bioenergetics. Domenico regularly teaches at the School of Natural Medicine of Bologna, and the Institute of Natural Medicine of Urbino from 1983.
Currently incorporating his knowledge of nutrition, iridology and homeopathic treatments in her practice of Ohashiatsu.