Shin Sei Shiatsu Academy

training of qualified Shiatsu operators
Marina Bernardotti - Didactic Director Shin Sei Shiatsu

Become a professional Shiatsu practitioner

Shin Sei Shiatsu Academy offers comprehensive teaching that allows the student, after 3 years of study, to be able to operate professionally

Shiatsu is

Holistic: not the symptom but the person

Shiatsu is

Feel the Energy and let it flow

Shiatsu is

A profession recognized by law

Shiatsu courses and seminars

First Level Shiatsu course

The 1st level Shiatsu Course is an experience of transformation of the quality of daily life, it can be done on a personal level and is the first step for those who aspire to continue their training.

Moxibustion seminar

The seminar is aimed at those who want to learn how to use the method of activating energy points (Tsubo) by means of the heat created by Moxa

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Practice. Insights into the philosophical and cultural aspects of Chinese Medicine

Shiatsu instructors

Shin Sei Shiatsu employs only highly qualified instructors graduated from our academy and accredited by FISieo.
People who live, practice and breathe their discipline every day.

Upcoming courses

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Seminar with Maureen Miller Shin Sei Shiatsu

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