Shiatsu 3° Level Intermediate Course

The third-level course Shiatsu Start the intermediate stage, an important step forward, which introduces the use of elbows, knees in prone and supine position.
The 42-hour course consists of ten lessons.
Each lesson alternated a theoretical to the practical. From this level on, for all subsequent levels we will conduct personal growth work, on various issues of life.

The issue addressed in the course of third level Shiatsu changes depending on the group and on the basis of needs and is at the teacher’s discretion.
There will be a review of the techniques already studied the first level in the prone and supine position with additional new techniques.
The first part of the morning is devoted to the theory/practice section

– Movement and breathing are the basis of the work at the beginning of each lesson.
– Breathing exercises for better life energy awareness.
– Exercises to improve the movement of the body during treatment.
– Work to enhance the capacity of attention to the other.
– General introduction to the work of the Master Shitsuto Masunaga .
– Hara Reading: Diagnostic areas of the 12 traditional meridians.
– The concept of Kyo and Jitsu
– How to treat the meridians in tonification and sedation.
– We start to make the diagnosis and treatment on the meridian, energetic level, while we treat it.
– Introduction and use of the forearms, elbows, knees during the session.
– Techniques for toning and sedation on the neck.

The course alternates between theory and practice of group sharing.

During the third level and with every subsequent level, there will be a “Tutorial”, a private frontal lessons with the teacher, it is a prerequisite to student progress that will have the opportunity to review some techniques that you can practice directly on the teacher .

Thanks to this direct contact, there will be a significant advancement in the quality of student work.
The last day of the course there will be a written exam to test the theoretical knowledge of the participants.

Certificates of Attendance

At the end of the course participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

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