Shinsei Academy - Seminar Anatomy 2


The seminar in anatomy 2 is developed in three encounters which take place for three weekend (Saturday and Sunday). At the end, we will carry out a multiple choice test or even open topics addressed on the previous weekend.


1st lesson: Nervous System

  • muscular system
  • osteoarticular apparatus

2nd lesson: Endocrine System

  • urinary tract
  • sense organs
  • quiz 1st lesson

3rd lesson

  • revision
  • quiz 2nd lesson
  • exposure topic chosen by the candidate

It will be important that the candidate achieves at least 90% of correct answers. if not the next time the candidate will repeat’ the test with the same questions for the purpose of a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Shin Sei Shiatsu Academy

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Info and Pre-enrolment

Marina Bernardotti
Tel. (+39) 338 836 9353