Shiatsu 5° Level Advanced Course


Begins a new cycle of study. From this moment we enter at an advanced stage. The work is intensified both personally and professional level and all the various abilities and acquisitions are now being developed and consolidated with greater awareness.

In order to facilitate and speed up this process was developed and defined the formula of intensive course. Live together side by side for 10 days allows a closest work to the principles of yin and yang that expands the activities of the day. This polarity can be experienced in daily life both in the specific work and in the dynamics of relationships.

Alternating moments of concentration and rigor in the work on the futon to purely ludic moments of relaxation, relaxation and joy. Are planned expansion phases to the surrounding social context such as walks, lessons on the beach, participation in traditional local festivals or religious functions. All opportunities for further reflections relating to the main job.


Fundamental pillar of the School is the ability to “feel” and in the last 3 levels aims to develop it further. On the fifth level, the emphasis is on a more important introspection ability for the operator to hone his capacity for empathy with the uke.

The fifth level, as well as the sixth and the seventh level, is residential and lasts 10 days to about 90 hours of work. A full immersion high quality, time to hone the skills of the operator relation with himself and with the group.

In order to be admitted to the sixth level you need to submit to the Secretary of the School:

    • 5 cases 5 treatments each
    • 50 signatures of treatments

The work starts at 6 am and follows the needs of the group and follows its flow of energy.

It includes:

  • Awakening of the body with stretching exercises, breathing, meditation, walk.
  • Internal work: cognitive approach to the polarity of the mind in order to discover their maximum kyo
  • Work accordance with the Meridian System of Master Shitsuto Masunaga, the great innovator of Shiatsu, often described Zen Shiatsu. In contrast to traditional view, the function of the meridian is essentially vital and is expressed throughout the body
  • Deepening of the Kyo / Jitsu
  • Work on the meridians supine and prone
  • Energy evaluation the areas of the back accordance with the principles of Master Masunaga Shitsuto
  • Listening, presence, continuity
  • Tutorial: lectures, private with the teacher
  • Final test, exam

Shin Sei Shiatsu Academy

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