Advanced Shiatsu Course – Level 7

Shiatsu training course

This is the last step to become professionals.

In this level we are integrated the lessons learned and skills developed until now: the sensitivity, the presence, the rooted, the continuity, the ability to read and understand in depth the imbalance, the technique until the professional competence acquired during the whole path within the School.

Residential 10 days, a full immersion of high quality completing training.

Order to be admitted to the sixth level you need to submit to the Secretary of the School:

5 cases 5 treatments each

50 signatures of treatments


The thesis must be made at least one month before the course so that the Didactic Director has time to read all the papers presented by the group.

The title of the thesis is to be clarified ahead of time with D.D.

The work starts at 6 am and follows the needs of the group and follows its flow of energy.
It includes:


awakening of the body with stretching exercises, breathing, meditation, walk


internal work: the disease part 2


News Analysis on the energy evaluation during treatment


on listening insights and rooted of shiatsu treatment


Working in a sitting position


sedations prone, supine, side, sitting


tutorial: Front private lesson with the teacher


Final exam and treatment with D.D.


exposition of the thesis


final party!

Certificate of Attendance

At the end of the course participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Director of Studies

Marina Bernardotti

Training institution Shin Sei Shiatsu

Federazione Italiana Shiatsu

Info and Pre-enrolment

Marina Bernardotti
Mobile +39 338 836 9353