Shiatsu 2° Level Basic Course

Shiatsu Level 2 course,   concludes the beginner cycle.
Continue along this path means having achieved an
increased awareness of their own potential.


It is spread over 32 hours for a total of 10 sessions.
Each lesson is composed of a theoretical and a practice part.

  • Breathing exercises to increase contact with the life energy.
  • Work to increase the capacity of attention to the other person.
  • Exercises to improve the movement of the body during treatment.
  • Using the palms and thumbs in pressure.
  • At the end of the theory follows a demonstration by the teacher.
  • The students in pairs practicing the techniques presented during the demonstration.
  • Moments of confrontation for developing listening to the Self.
  • Exercises to have a greater awareness of your body.
  • The theory of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water).
  • As the human being is reflected in in the Cosmos in a constant transformation.
  • Circadian Cycle and Cycle Circaniano (or cycle, Chinese Clock).
  • Deepening of the twelve traditional meridians.
  • in a lateral position techniques.
  • The Makkoo: Stretching of the meridians for greater consciousness of the paths and an improvement in the elasticity of your body.
  • Study and reading of Bo points with practical application.
  • Study and reading of the Yu points with practical application.

Certificates of Attendance

At the end of the second level you will be released the “exam transcripts” of the school that represents and certifies the student’s study plan.

Shin Sei Shiatsu Academy

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