Intermediate Shiatsu Course – Level 4

Shiatsu training course

The fourth level, concludes in the intermediate phase. An important moment that defines the transition to the professional courses.

The course of 42 hours, is composed of 10 lessons.  The work will be done in the lateral position.   The first part of the day focuses on the postures and stretching to awaken the body.
It proceeds with a thematic interior work at the teacher’s discretion.

The second part of the morning there will be a theoretical explanation, a demonstration, concerning the just the topics and exchange between the students.
The afternoon lesson consists of a theoretical part, a demonstration organized by teacher’s and a part of guided practice.


Movement and breathing are the base of the work at the beginning of each lesson.


Breathing exercises to gain a greater awareness of your body and for greater rootedness.


Expansion of the notions have already acquired on the kyo / jitsu.


Techniques of sedation and toning up.


Work on the side with the forearms, elbows, knees.


Technical toning and sedation on the neck.


Learn more about the specific qualities of the 12 traditional meridians.


Tutorials: private frontal lesson with the teacher

During the course there will be group sharing moments that they are helpful to personal growth of each participant.
The fourth level provides a theoretical exam that will take place on the last day of the course and a practical examination on the teacher.
At the end of the whole program if the student has passed the exams will receive the personal type qualification resulting from the conclusion of the interim program.

Certificate of Attendance

At the end of the course participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Director of Studies

Marina Bernardotti

Training institution Shin Sei Shiatsu

Federazione Italiana Shiatsu

Info and Pre-enrolment

Marina Bernardotti
Mobile +39 338 836 9353