Shinsei Academy - Seminar Anatomy 1


The Anatomy lessons take place in two sections, anatomy 1 and 2, each characterized by three meetings which take place in three weekend (Saturday and Sunday).


1st lesson – Topographical Anatomy
cells, tissues, organs
digestive system
respiratory system

2nd lesson – Apparatus Cardio-circulatory
lymphoid organs
reproductive system
skin, breast
test 1st lesson

3rd lesson
quiz 2nd lesson
Exposure topic chosen by the candidate

At the end of anatomy 1 (2nd and 3rd lesson) and anatomy 2 (2nd and 3rd lesson) it will carry out a multiple choice test or even open the subject matter discussed on the previous weekend.
It will be important that the candidate make at least 90% of correct answers. if so ‘it was not the next time the candidate will repeat’ the test with the same questions for the purpose of a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

At the last meeting of anatomy 1 and 2 we will carry out ‘also exposure, by the candidate, a topic chosen in order to evaluate the preparation and the interest raised by the matter that is presented to a person absolutely fast from topic, anyway difficult to understand.
In addition to the anatomy of the arguments set out above, during the course we will try ‘to give holistic impression, unconventional, for the understanding of the subject and also of the disease.

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