I want to explain you what is Shiatsu cause it’s not always so clear….
Shiatsu is a Japanese word that means pressure with fingers, pressure with the hands, but Shiatsu is much more then that!

Shiatsu take his roots in China from the Traditional Chinese Medicine that is 5000 years old.
It’s an antique Art for the health and, as any other, is a way of life influenced by the Taoist thought.
It explains who we are as Human Being in connection to the Cosmos around us. It also shows the relationship between microcosm (the Human Being) and macrocosm (the Universe) and through this knowledge we can live our daily life connected and in harmony with ourself.

Shiatsu has come down to us, in the Western counties, since 70s thanks to 2 great twentiethcentury Masters: Tokujiro Namikoshi and Shitsuto Masunaga.
Shiatsu it is aimed at harmonizing activities of Ki (energy) in the Human Being understood as prevention of discordant energy conditions or processing of inharmonious already in place.
It is a deep experience that you can do or receive depending in whether you are practitioner or receiver.
It’s a kind of pre-verbal communication thought the connection with the body that helps the receiver to keep in a good way his life and health.
It works on the basis of the Meridians, or Energetically Vessels that are running along our body were our Vital Energy flows.
The practitioner helps the receiver to rebalance his energetically system in an holistic view. It stimulate and harmonize the energy of the body thought the use of natural pressures.
That means that trough the body of a person we join his intere Life.
Body as the “Door” to reach all his levels: feelings, thoughts down to his Soul.
Shiatsu helps to rebalance all those levels cause, as human being, we are not always in harmony in our daily life.

I want to introduce you my School in Athens in February 2017 and for this reason I will keep several presentation evenings where you can take a direct experience about this wonderful and ancient discipline.