Last week end Shin Sei Shiatsu Academy hosted in Savona the course of Tibetan Bolws.held by the Master Thonla Sonam.

I met Master Thonla Sonam several years ago. It was one of those special meetings which has given to my life even wider and richer meaning.

Thonla is from Tibet, from many years lives in Italy with his family and he’s a person of great inner beauty. Anything around him gets calm when he stays in a place, this is the sensation that you yourself can feel when you stand by him.

He teaches how to play Tibetan Bolws, but above all, he conveys simple and profound teachings that are in resonance with the work of Shiatsu creating an intense and successful synergy.

Thonla is arrived in Savona on Friday and we set up the hall that hosted us at Namaskar Association. Everything has been done with care, attention, love and, on Saturday morning the course began with a wonderful group of people able to create immediately a beautiful harmony.

Thonla has based his seminary on a constant teaching transmitted joyfully, simplicity and depth.

It has been tireless and devoted himself to all with patience, respecting always the needs of each participant always with humility.

It has been interesting to observe all the resonances between Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine related to learning how to vibrate a Tibetan bowl. Everything is based on energy and also the “sound bath” restores balance and harmony just like Shiatsu.

For example I was impressed when Thonla explained that the sound of the bowl works on 5 chakras that correspond on 5 elements just as in our Discipline and Philosophy. All this combines  yin and  yang in the feminine and masculine energy to find the Unity.

He spoke of “intent” and how it lead us to our objective that is to rebalance the receiver.

Also in Shiatsu the “intent” is the basis of the treatment.

At the beginning of each treatment we turn inward to the receiver with unconditional love, by releasing tensions and freeing our mind of preconceived judgments or negative thoughts.

It’s nice to share paths that help to integrate in the space of consciousness creating new awareness and renewed enthusiasm.

Thonla thank you for allowing me to organize this seminar. Having Master Thonla here for 2 days it was like having a little Buddha who did shine and resonate the little Buddha inside me!